Other Governance Bodies


The University Senate works with or nominates members to a number of other University governance bodies.


  • The University Judicial Board is the five-member, University-wide panel that hears charges of violations under the Rules of University Conduct and provides sanctions. The Tenured and Tenure-Track and Off-Track Faculty caucuses, Student Affairs Committee, and Noninstructional Officers (Research Officers, Librarians and Administrative Staff) each nominate nonsenator members to the University Judicial Board. From these nominees, the Executive Committee appoints five  members, alternates, and the chair and vice chair of the University Judicial Board, with members serving three-year terms.



  • The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) advises the Trustees of Columbia University on ethical and social issues that may arise in the management of investments in the University’s endowment. Following a Columbia-wide call for applications in spring, the Student Affairs Committee nominates students to four seats on the committee. ACSRI members serve two-year terms, meeting monthly from September to February and weekly from March to early-May. (Applications are open to students enrolled in the 17 Columbia schools only.)



  • The Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA) is charged with advising President Shafik on issues related to the prevention of and response to gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault. The Student Affairs Committee nominates three student members - one student senator, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student - early in the fall semester. Members serve two-year terms.