The work of the University Senate is conducted through its committees and commissions, whose jurisdictions and structures are set out in the University Senate By-Laws. 

Who Sits on Committees

Senators serve on one or more committees and participate in the monthly Senate plenary. Nonsenator committee members bring their expertise to the work of committees and have a voice and a vote in the committees on which they serve.

Committee Elections

Committee chairs and co-chairs are elected to two-year terms and provide direction and leadership to the work of their committees.

When Committees Meets

Committees meet eight times over the course of fall and spring, each meeting lasting approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Senate-Trustee Relationships

Four Senate committees send representatives to meetings of the related Trustee committee. In addition, the President consults with the Senate Executive Committee on the selection of the Provost, University Professors, and the six Senate Consulted Trustees.