Thirumaran Senguttuvan

Dr. Thirumaran Senguttuvan, MBBS, CCRP, is a Master of Public Health student at the Mailman School of Public Health. He holds a medical degree from Annamalai University in India (2013) and is also a clinical research professional. Dr. Senguttuvan worked as a physician and clinical researcher for a decade before enrolling in the School of Public Health. He has worked with two WHO collaborating research institutes of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for over five years as a medical officer and a medical scientist, and has a deep understanding of clinical research methodologies, regulatory procedures, safety reporting, and emergency management protocols. He has co-authored peer-reviewed articles and successfully coordinated randomized clinical trials and clinical studies in Tuberculosis, MDR-TB, HIV, and COVID-19, as well as epidemiological research, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and patient safety.

Beyond his professional journey, Dr Senguttuvan co-founded the ThiruTamizh Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization that provides medical aid and education to underrepresented communities in Tamil Nadu, India. As a strong advocate of social justice and with a commitment to creating a socially just and equitable society, he aspires to contribute to the betterment of underrepresented communities by ensuring their education and healthcare needs are met.