Sergine Delma

Sen. Sergine Delma's background as a Haitian immigrant drives her mission and has uniquely shaped her dedication to making a positive impact in healthcare and her devotion to service. Her keen interest in pursuing a doctoral degree as an advanced practice nurse is deeply rooted in her passion for healthcare advancements, advocacy, and community service. Throughout her undergraduate journey, Sergine channeled this passion for advocacy, serving as vice president of the student government association and a resident assistant, committed to both listening to and amplifying student voices.

Sergine's commitment to service extends beyond campus. Her involvement in volunteer work in Kisumu, Kenya, advocacy for immigrant rights in L.A/Mexico, and engagement with Partners in Health, a platform for meeting local government leaders to share experiences and to advocate for legislation that eliminates barriers to care, have further solidified her devotion to service. She is drawn to serving as the University Senator for the School of Nursing to advocate for student concerns and needs within the larger University framework. Representing student perspectives on various forums, aligns seamlessly with her past leadership roles and her mission to be of service to her community.