Natalie Voigt

Sen. Natalie Voigt, Ph.D., MSN, RN, is Assistant Professor of Nursing at CUMC. She has been a nurse for 17 years and has been working as faculty in the Masters Direct Entry Program for the past four years. Dr. Voigt prides herself on being an active listener, a servant leader, and helping to create environments that are inclusive for all participants. She believe in the importance of diversity of thought and respectful dissent. For the past two years, Dr. Voigt has served as University Senator on the External Relations and Research Policy Committee and on the Commission on Diversity. Her contributions include collaborating on the Resolution to Reaffirm the University’s Commitment to Excellence through Diversity, efforts to further clarify the process around student bias reporting to EOAA, and the Resolution to Include Caste as a Protected Category in Columbia University's Non-Discrimination Statement, co-sponsored by the Student Affairs Committee, the Commission on Diversity, and the Commission on the Status of Women. Dr. Voigt hopes to continue to bring this spirit of advocacy and inclusivity as a University Senator to serve the greater Columbia community and help make our campus a more equitable place where all may thrive.