Ellen L. Marakowitz

Ellen Marakowitz is Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology, where her research interests include an examination of the ways in which gender intersects with national identity and national narratives. On the Senate, Professor Marakowitz is a member of the Faculty Affairs, Academic Freedom, and Tenure Committee, and she has served previously on the Education Committee.

Professor Marakowitz's research includes work in Finland examining several women's associations, which represented a range of perspectives on female identity and notions of citizenship. In this research Marakowitz explores the contradictions contained in the political power women in Finland hold and the limitations of that power. More recently she has been engaged with topics in the area of medical anthropology, and has been looking at public health issues in the U.S., primarily in the area of tuberculosis.

Marakowitz has been conducting fieldwork into the nature of collaborations between public and private agencies in terms of control, treatment and definition of disease. She will be expanding this research to include an exploration of how the triangle of tuberculosis, substance, and AIDS impacts on access to primary medical services and institutions.