Senate Elections

Guide to the University Senate

Why run for the University Senate?

University Senate Elections Code

Election Certification Form

Use this form to certify the election of new senators. Fill it out and return it to the Senate office.

Senators elected or reelected in 2018-2019


Susan Bernofsky (Tenured, Arts)
Raimondo Betti (Tenured, SEAS)
Niall Bolger (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Bruno Bosteels (Tenured, A&S/Humanities)
Nigel Bunnett (Tenured, P&S)
John Donaldson (Tenured, Business)
Walter M. Frisch (Tenured, A&S/Humanities)
Andreas Hielscher (Tenured, SEAS)
Ivana Nikolic Hughes (Nontenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Eleanor B. Johnson (Tenured, A&S/Humanities)
Soulaymane Kachani (Nontenured, SEAS)
Michelle Knight-Manuel (Tenured, Teachers College)
Dottie Lasky (Nontenured, Arts)
Andrew Marks (Tenured, P&S)
Ellen F. Morris (Nontenured, Barnard)
Aaron Myers (Nontenured, Dental Medicine)
Colin Nuckolls (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Brendan O'Flaherty (Tenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Liam Paninski (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Michael R. Rosen (Tenured, P&S)
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé (Tenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Neslihan Şenocak (Tenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Henry Spotnitz (Tenured, P&S)
Susan Witte (Tenured, Social Work)
Debra Wolgemuth (Tenured, P&S)
Mary Zulack (Nontenured, Law)


Maria Avila Ruiz (SIPA)
Toqa Badran (College)
David T. Cheng (Social Work)
Jonathan Criswell (General Studies)
Darold Cuba (GSAS/Social Sciences)
Jacqueline de Vegvar (P&S)
Alfredo Dominguez (College)
Mike Ford (GSAS/Humanities)
Andrew Hsu (GSAS/Pure Sciences)
Claire Kao (Business)
Joel Krejmas (Dental Medicine)
Zoha Qamar (SEAS undergraduate)
Danielle Resheff (College)
Adara Rosenbaum (Barnard)
Oren Ross (Teachers College)
Gordon Slater (Arts)
Michael Sutton (SEAS graduate)
Izabella Zant (Public Health)
Eric Adamcik (UTS Student Observer)


Michelle Estilo Kaiser

Library staff

Ian Beilin

Election procedures

Those responsible for managing Senate elections follow these procedures:

1. An announcement is made to the entire constituency and self-nominations are received over a period of one week.

2. An announcement of the candidates and the dates of campaigning are sent out and the period of voting is one week.

3. Votes are counted and certification forms for new senators submitted to the Senate office. Election results are reported to the Senate's Elections Commission on the Election Certification Form. Questions concerning Senate elections? Consult the Elections Code.