Senate Elections

Why run for the University Senate?

Elections seat by seat

Eligibility to run or vote

Overview of Senate seats

University Senate Elections Code

Election Certification Form

Use this form to certify the election of new senators. Fill it out and return it to the Senate office.

Senators elected or reelected in 2015-2016

Administration appointees

Suzanne B. Goldberg
Ann D. Thornton


James Applegate (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Anne Armstrong-Coben (Nontenured, P&S)
Erica Avrami (Nontenured, Architecture)
David Bickers (Tenured, P&S)
Vincent Blasi (Tenured, Law)
Ronald Breslow (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Mary Byrne (Nontenured, Nursing)
Jeanine D'Armiento (Tenured, P&S)
William Duggan (Nontenured, Business)
Wafaa El-Sadr (Tenured, Public Health)
Greg Freyer (Nontenured, Public Health)
William Gaudelli (Faculty, Teachers College)
Zoltan Haiman (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
David Hajdu (Tenured, Journalism)
William V. Harris (Tenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Julia Hirschberg (Tenured, SEAS)
Matthew L. Jones (Tenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Jeffrey Kysar (Tenured, SEAS)
Art Langer (Nontenured, Continuing Education)
Frank Lichtenberg (Tenured, Business)
Ian Lipkin (Tenured, Public Health)
Austin Long (Nontenured, SIPA)
Clarisa Long (Tenured, Law)
Ellen Marakowitz (Nontenured, A&S/Social Sciences)
Susan McGregor (Nontenured, Journalism)
John McGuckin (Faculty, UTS)
Letty Moss-Salentijn (Tenured, Dental Medicine)
Mary Mundinger (Tenured, Nursing)
John Mutter (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Eli Noam (Tenured, Business)
Sharyn O'Halloran (Tenured, SIPA)
Peter Platt (Faculty, Barnard)
Robert Pollack (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Ron Prywes (Tenured, A&S/Natural Sciences)
Richard Smiley (Tenured, P&S)
Mary Sormanti (Nontenured, Social Work)
Fred Ssewamala (Tenured, Social Work)
Nicole Wallack (Nontenured, A&S/Humanities)
Howard Worman (Tenured, P&S)


Ian Beilin

Research Officers

Nancy LoIacono (Professional Research Officer)
Daniel Wolf Savin (Professional Research Officer)
Sylwia Trzaska (Professional Research Officer)
Kunal Chaudhary (Postdoctoral Research Officer)


Ashraf Ahmed (GSAS/SS)
Lia Avellino (SSW)
Saskia Chanoine (Business)
Andrea Crow (GSAS/Humanities)
Marc Heinrich (CC)
Grace Kelley (Nursing)
Sonah Lee (Journalism)
Ryan Monell (Professional Studies)
Tatev Papikyan (Teachers College)
Cameron Maureen Robertson (Architecture)
Sean Ryan (CC)
Daniella Urbina (SIPA)
Mark Logan Wright (Law)

Administrative staff

Paula Goodman (Morningside/Lamont)
Janie Weiss (CUMC)

Election procedures

Those responsible for managing Senate elections follow these procedures:

1. An announcement is made to the entire constituency and self-nominations are received over a period of one week.

2. An announcement of the candidates and the dates of campaigning are sent out and the period of voting is one week.

3. Votes are counted and certification forms for new senators submitted to the Senate office. Election results are reported to the Senate's Elections Commission on the Election Certification Form. Questions concerning Senate elections? Consult the Elections Code.