Rules of University Conduct

The Rules of University Conduct (the Rules) date back to the Columbia University protests of 1968. Following those protests, the Columbia University Senate passed a referendum adopting the Rules and created the Committee on Rules of University Conduct. Any amendments to the Rules need the approval of not only the University Senate, but also the Trustees. After an arduous review that began in 2013, the Rules were revised in 2015 and approved by the Senate and the Trustees.

The Rules include three sections:

To learn more, we encourage you to review the Rules of University Conduct.

Guidelines relating to Section 3 of the Rules have been written by the Rules Committee to assist the Rules Administrator, as well as the members of the University Judicial Board and Appeals Board, as they investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the Rules.

The Guidelines spell out the investigation, hearing, and sanctioning process for matters in which individuals are accused of violating the Rules. Some of the principles outlined may also assist all members of our community to better understand the content of the Rules and how an alleged violation is handled, and may also provide insight into the Committee’s rationale.

Rules of University Conduct
Sample Complaint Form
Sample Notice of Alleged Violation
Sample Charge Letter
Sample Investigation Report
Sample UJB Chairperson Sanction Form
Sample UJB Panel Finding & Sanction Form
Sample Appeal Request Form
Sample Appeals Board Decision Form