University Senate Executive Committee                         Adopted: January 24, 2003




Procedures for Submitting the “From the Senate” Column to the University Record


1)      The Senate will submit a monthly column to the Record. 

2)      The column will be drafted by the Secretary of the Senate, or by some other senator or representative of the Senate, as designated by the Chair of the Senate Executive Committee.

3)      Before the column is submitted to the Record, a draft will be sent to the Chair of the Executive Committee, who will approve the column or not after circulating it to the members of the Executive Committee for further evaluation. Once it has been approved, the Chair of the Executive Committee will formally submit a copy of the column to the editor of the Record.

4)      If the editor of the Record wishes to edit the Senate column before publication in the Record, he or she will consult with the Chair of the Executive Committee, who could agree or disagree with the editorial suggestions.  We anticipate that most matters can be worked out through this consultative process.

5)      Content edited for reasons other than length or stylistic concerns will be limited to those portions of the column that are viewed as either inaccurate, libelous, and/or represent a breach of confidentiality.  In such cases, the editor will be required to state in writing his or her reasons for the omission and communicate a justification to the Executive Committee before publishing the column.

6)      After discussion with the Chair of the Executive Committee, if a disagreement persists, the Provost will be notified of the conflict via electronic mail.  If no consensus compromise can be reached at that point, the Record editor, along with the Provost or his designee, will have the final authority on those edits.

7)      The Executive Committee will continue to discuss this topic and explore other channels (e.g., electronic mail) that provide additional avenues to communicate with Senate constituents.