Here are some important documents from the years 1968-1971, about the founding and early operations of the Columbia University Senate. 

1.   “Restructuring Columbia,” the Spectator supplement of October 10, 1968, a series of statements and proposals produced during the summer of 1968, including:

                 --Interim Report of the Special Committee of the Trustees (the Temple Report), August 28, 1968.

                  --Two statements from student representatives on the Temple Committee.                

                  --Proposal from Students for a Restructured University, by Neal H. Hurwitz.               

                  --Contributions from two study groups created by the Executive Committee of the Faculty, which was chaired by Prof. Michael Sovern                            

                               --Excerpts from the report of a fact-finding commission (chaired by Archibald Cox) on the disturbances of the spring of 1968                                   

                              --Preliminary proposal from the Project on Columbia Structure (September 10, 1968) for a University Senate and a Student Assembly.                  

               --Selection from the Walsh Report                        

               --Four proposals from the Administration, produced by Vice Provost Herbert Deane

2.    A Plan for Participation: Proposal for a University Senate, with Faculty, Student, Administration, and Other Membership, March 20, 1969. This final version of the Faculty Executive Committee’s proposal was overwhelmingly approved in a University-wide referendum.

3.   Minutes of the first plenary meeting (May 28, 1969), including a Senate roster.

4.   University Senate Bulletin: Report on the First Term of the University Senate, 1969-71, by Wm. Theodore de Bary, Executive Committee chair.

5.  Columbia Forum, Fall 1969, "Columbia's New Senate"

6.  Documents from Students for a Restructured University

                --Speech by John Thoms, chairman of Students for a Restructured University, May 16, 1968

                --Flier for a meeting of Students for a Restructured University, April 1969

                --Petition for Students for a Restructured University, April 1969