The Senate is a University-wide legislature, representing faculty, students, and other constituencies. It makes policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University or more than one school, including educational programs and priorities, the budget, academic freedom and tenure, the conduct of research, the libraries, information technology, Columbia's external relations, student sexual misconduct, rules governing political demonstrations, and the welfare of faculty, students, and research officers. Trustee concurrence is required for acts of the Senate.

The Senate has 108 voting seats, with 63 reserved for faculty, 24 for students, 6 for officers of research,
2 each for administrative staff, librarians, and alumni, and 9 for senior administrators including the president, who chairs monthly plenaries.

For more information, see "Introduction to the Senate."

Members of the Rules Committee Gillian E. Metzger, Stanley H. Fuld Professor of Law; Sen. Zila Acosta (Student, Law), co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee; and Christopher Riano, Chair, Rules Committee, and lecturer in law. All were panelists at a November 10 town hall. Photograph by Jessica Raimi.

Proposed Revisions to the
Rules of University Conduct:
An Open Forum

Friday, April 17, 2015, 4-6 p.m.

Morningside Campus, Havemeyer Hall, Room 309

After more than a year of careful review and deliberation, including three town halls and many meetings with key stakeholders, the University Senate Rules Committee will present its proposed revisions to the current Rules of University Conduct, which govern demonstrations, rallies, picketing and the circulation of petitions. These rules are designed to protect the rights of free expression through peaceful demonstration while at the same time ensuring the proper functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations.

Following the presentation of the detailed proposal, the discussion will be opened to the audience.

Zila Acosta, University Senator (Student, Law) and Co-Chair, Senate Student Affairs Committee
Angela Nelson, University Senator (Research Officer); Attorney-at-law
Jared Odessky, University Senator (Student, Columbia College)
Christopher Riano, Chair, Senate Rules Committee; Attorney-at-Law; Lecturer-in-Law, Columbia University

Sponsored by the University Senate, this public forum is open to all CUID holders. It will be on the record and a transcript made available.

Here is a brief legislative history of the rules. The disciplinary procedures called for in the current Rules are summarized in this diagram.

The Senate Rules Committee undertook its review of the Rules last year. Town halls open to all Columbia affiliates were held on the Morningside campus, on October 17 and November 10, 2014, at which a number of participants spoke.

Here is the roster of the Rules Committee for 2014-15. If you have questions or suggestions about the Rules or the revision, please write to

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The next plenary meeting will be Friday, May 1,
1:15 p.m.,
1501 International Affairs.

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Friday, May 1
1501 International Affairs

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