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Press Coverage about America's Tuition Crisis

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Government Press Releases

Chronicle of Higher Education

House Republicans Offer Plan to Close Multibillion-Dollar Student-Loan Loophole 

House Votes to Close Loan Loophole, Strip Funds From 2 Studies

Education Dept.'s Inspector General Says Student-Loan Companies Should Return Millions of Dollars in 'Overpayments'

Republicans in U.S. House Introduce Bill to Renew Higher Education Act That Mirrors Last Year's

House Passes Bill to Close Loophole Temporarily

Columbia U. Students Push Plan for Scholarship Endowment for Needy Students

Purchasing Power of Maximum Pell Grant Will Continue to Decline, Report Says

House and Senate Budget Plans Diverge Over How to Use Savings From Student-Loan Program

Report Backed by Student-Loan Industry Challenges the Notion That Direct Lending Saves Money

Public Mission of State Colleges Is Endangered by Increasing Competition and Privatization, Report Says

Michigan Governor Proposes Offering $4,000 Reward to Students Who Complete 2 Years of College

Bush Budget Will Propose a Recall of Federal Funds From Perkins Loan Program

President Plans No Price Controls or Strict Accountability Rules for Colleges, New Education Secretary Says in Interview

Appeals Court Overturns Jury Decision in Competitor's Lawsuit Against Sallie Mae

More Students Plan to Work to Help Pay for College

Education Department Fails to Oversee College Lenders Adequately, Report Asserts

President Bush Would Pay for Pell Grant Proposals by Making Student-Loan Program More 'Efficient'

Sallie Mae Isn't Giving Up on $1-Billion Offer to Take Over Pennsylvania Loan Agency

Dean of UC-Berkeley's Law School Calls for Partial Privatization as Answer to Budget Woes

In December Surprise, Education Dept. to Issue Policy That Could Remove 90,000 Students From Aid Rolls

Congress Gives Lean Increases for Student Aid and Research

Congressional Earmarks Crowd Out Merit-Based Grants for Innovation in Higher Education

State Spending on Higher Education Up Slightly, a Reversal From Previous Year

Cashing In on Student Loans

Public-College Tuition Rises Again, but Less Than It Did Last Year

Governors' Races Focus on College Affordability

Relatively Few Students Complete Main Federal Financial-Aid Form, Report Says

Colleges That Ban Military Recruiters Would Lose Additional Funds Under New Legislation

Congressional Agency Criticizes Department's Lack of Action on Costly Loophole in Student-Aid Law

U.S. House Votes to Close Student-Loan Loophole and, in Snub to NIH Reviewers, Attacks Two Grants"

Senate Committee Approves Bill to Increase Spending on NIH and Some Student-Aid Programs"

Critics Fault Bush Administration for Failing to Close a Loophole Worth Billions to Lenders

Report Questions Economic Ties Between Colleges and Hundreds of State Lawmakers

Administration Hit for Failing to Close Aid Loophole

Republican Lawmakers Propose Bill to Temporarily Close Loophole Worth Billions to Lenders

Presidential Candidates Are Urged to Heed Concerns of Higher Education

Inside Higher Education

7.11.05  Stopping a Lender Subsidy, Permanently 

New York Times
(username: nte2005 and password: nte2005)

12.23.04  Students to Bear More of the Cost of College

12.05.04  Choosing a College Major: For Love or for the Money?

11.21.04  Bill Clears Way for Government to Cut Back College Loans

10.20.04  Public University Tuition

10.01.04  Congress May Close Billion-Dollar Loan Loophole

08.27.04  A Windfall for a Student Loan Program

Washington Post

12.02.04  Md. Colleges Urged to Increase Financial Aid

11.22.04  Student Loans Are Private Affairs: Sallie Mae Cleaned Up When It Cut Public Ties

Government Press Releases

01.25.05  GAO Criticizes Lack of Oversign for the School-as-Lender Program

01.14.05  Bush Announces Plan to Increase Pell Grants, Reform Student Loans

01.12.05  Bipartisan Student Loan Bill Would Boost Funding For College Scholarships by $12 Billion Without Costing Taxpayers a Dime, Says CBO

12.29.04  Treasury Announces Successful Privatization of Sallie Mae

10.7.04  Democrats Stalled Legislation for Months Shutting Down Excess Subsidies to Student Loan Providers

10.7.04  Non-Profit Student Aid Organizations Oppose Retroactive Cuts in 9.5% Student Loan Subsidies

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