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Schools and Associations

What you can do to help as a school or association:

  • Put this link on your Web site http://www.tuitionendowment.org.
  • Talk to the parents at your school.
  • Talk to people you know who could make an impact.
  • Send this link to your friends to create awareness.
  • Call and/or write your congressional representatives.
  • Contact any organization in your school or business who should know about the National Tuition Endowment.
  • Have a gathering with friends to contact congressional representatives.
  • Contact media in your area to tell them you support NTE.
  • Send us your feedback and/or questions anytime at nte@columbia.edu.
  • Become a volunteer by contacting nte@columbia.edu.

The appearance of this website does not reflect an endorsement of the National Tuition Endowment Act by Columbia University or the Columbia University Senate.
The Columbia University Senate is hosting this Web site as a courtesy to the student members on the Student Affairs Committee.

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