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About the NTE Student Movement

Both graduate and undergraduate students will be eligible for the National Tuition Endowment scholarship based on need and merit.

  1. Columbia University Senate's Student Affairs Committee. Student leaders of the Columbia University Senate's Student Affairs Committee are inviting every student government in America's postsecondary education system to endorse the founding of the National Tuition Endowment. Together, we will represent approximately 15 million students attending more than 3,300 public and private nonprofit colleges and universities.
  2. Which institutions were invited to participate. Only student governments at public and private nonprofit postsecondary institutions were invited to sign an endorsement to establish the National Tuition Endowment. According to the 2000 Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, there are 3,324 public or private not-for-profit postsecondary institutions in America (1,643 public; 1,681 private nonprofit). Note: The 617 propriety institutions were not included in this survey because their for-profit-mission is in conflict with this petition.
  3. How many students are involved? We are inviting 15 millions students to participate. In 2002 there were 15.3 million students registered in America's postsecondary education system (National Center for Education Statistics Digest 2002); there are 2.4 percent of students attending (for-profit) proprietary schools who are not represented in this petition. Therefore, if successful, the NTE endorsements will represent 15 million students.

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The appearance of this website does not reflect an endorsement of the National Tuition Endowment Act by Columbia University or the Columbia University Senate.
The Columbia University Senate is hosting this Web site as a courtesy to the student members on the Student Affairs Committee.

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