University Senate                                                                      Proposed: May 5, 2006






WHEREAS, the increasing complexity of residential and commercial buildings in urban environments has created a need for specialized higher education of individuals who will be employed as construction administrators; and


WHEREAS, the Education Committee of the University Senate has favorably reviewed the proposal from the School of Continuing Education to establish a program leading to an M.S. in Construction Administration, and


WHEREAS, the proposed degree would meet the needs of the working professionals who will become construction administrators by offering a part-time program with evening classes on a two- to five-year time-frame; and 


WHEREAS, the committee is satisfied that the proposal has the approval of the executive committee of the School of Continuing Education and of the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics in the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and


WHEREAS, the proposed program is designed to serve those in the construction industry who do not have an engineering background and it therefore will not compete with the Engineering School’s M.S. in Construction Management, and


WHEREAS, the School of Continuing Education and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science have agreed to share instructional responsibility for the program and have come to a financial agreement beneficial to both,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that an M.S. in Construction Administration be established with the proviso that the committee will review the program in five years.






                                                                                                Committee on Education



MS in Construction Administration


Executive Summary


The MS program in Construction Administration is a rigorous 36 point program of study designed to train students to manage commercial and residential construction projects from design through build.  The program specifically targets those students who have 3-5 years of experience in construction or a related industry, but who lack an extensive background in engineering.  Moreover, the program is geared exclusively toward the construction of buildings.  As such, the program differs from the many graduate programs offered throughout the US designed for students with strong engineering backgrounds, who typically hold the BS in Engineering, and who intend to work in a broader spectrum of construction projects that in addition to buildings includes roads, bridges, tunnels, and any number of civil engineering undertakings.


The MS program is part-time and designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.  All core courses are offered in the evenings or on weekends and while the program is ideally completed over the course of three years (six semesters), students may complete the program in as few as two or as many as five years, depending upon their professional schedules and obligations.   Only applicants with the requisite experience and who have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution will be considered.


The program of study includes a core curriculum as well as electives.  The core focuses on the fundamentals of construction administration:  cost estimating and project financing; construction techniques; human and material resources; construction law; conflict resolution; and environmental safety and conservation.  The electives allow students to expand their study of core concepts or to specialize in a particular area of construction administration. 


Three of the core courses and at least one of the designated electives are offered through the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science:  CIEN E4129, CIEN E4131, CIEN E4129, and CIEN E4132.


During the first semester, students are required to enroll in two core courses (6 pts):  CIEN E4129 Managing the Engineering and Construction Process (3 pts) and CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques (3 pts).  Students who come to the program with advanced knowledge of the field may be exempted from these courses and required to replace them with two additional electives.  Following term one, students are required to complete ten additional courses (30 points), seven of which are required (21 pts) and three of which are electives (9 pts.).  The required courses are:  CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes; CNAD K4100 Estimating Project Costs; CNAD K4101 Finance and Accounting in the Construction Industry; CNAD4102 Safety in the Construction Industry; CNAD K4103 Legal Issues in Buildings Construction; CNAD K4501  Masters Project, I:  Analysis of Plans and Specifications; CNAD K4502  Masters Project, II:  Project Management Plan.  The electives may be chosen from courses designed specifically for and offered through this program or, with the permission of the Program Director, from courses offered throughout the University.