University Senate                                                                Proposed: October 14, 2005






Resolution to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Department of Chemical Engineering





WHEREAS      the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is celebrating the fact that it was established in 1905, and



WHEREAS      this Department was only the fourth Department of Chemical Engineering to be established in the United States, and



WHEREAS      the members of the Department have made important contributions to the field of Chemical Engineering in general and the American chemical industry in particular, and



WHEREAS      alumni of the Department include more than 3000 holders of the bachelors degree, over 300 MS degree-holders and over 200 holders of doctorates, many of whom have had distinguished careers and have made significant contributions to the industrial growth of this country in the twentieth century, and



WHEREAS      members of the Department have been leading figures in the life of Columbia and have enriched the intellectual environment of the University community;



THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED       that the University Senate officially mark this major anniversary of the Department of Chemical Engineering and extend its congratulations to the faculty, alumni, students and staff of the Department.






Proponents:      Education Committee

                                                                                                            Executive Committee