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Mandate of the Commission on the Status of Women

I. Purpose and Mandate

The Commission on the Status of Women shall be charged by the Executive Committee of the University Senate to inquire into the status, equity, and opportunities available at this University to women who are officers of instruction, of research, of the libraries, of administration, students, and supporting staff. It shall work independently of the Executive Committee and shall report and make recommendations periodically to the parent committee and to the University Senate on the status of women.

The results of the Commission's studies and recommendations for rectification of any inequities found will be presented to the Executive Committee and the Senate for discussion and implementation.

II. Areas of Investigation

The Commission will give special attention to the following:

1. Faculty: Conditions and equality in recruitment; in hiring; promotion; and tenure procedures; in salary and fringe benefits for women; in opportunities for part-time and full-time appointments; and in membership on all department, school, and university-wide committees.

2. Students: Conditions and equality in procedures of admissions and of financial aid, including participation of women faculty and students on such committees; in financial aid; placement and career planning; in the appointment of student officers of instruction and of research; in courses related to the study of women and in health services for women.

3. Research, Library, and Administrative Officers: Conditions and equality of salaries correlated with job descriptions and grades; in promotion and recruitment; fringe benefits; appointment process; leaves of absence; maternity leaves.

4. Other Matters, which the membership considers relevant.

III. Membership of the Commission

The Commission shall consist of eleven (11) members appointed by the Executive Committee and representing officers of instruction, of research, of the libraries, of administration, and students.

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