Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall consist of 13 members apportioned as follows: 6 tenured faculty, 2 non-tenured faculty, 2 administrators, and 3 students. All shall be members of the Senate. The two administration representatives shall be the President and another officer of administration of his choice. Elected members of the Executive Committee shall be chosen as follows: each category in the Senate entitled to members on the Executive Committee as here provided shall nominate the requisite number and the membership of the Senate as a whole shall vote on each of the nominees; a nominee who receives a majority of the total number of affirmative votes cast shall become a member of the Executive Committee; if a nominee fails to achieve a majority, the category that nominated him shall nominate another person in his stead. Following the election of the Executive Committee, the Chairman of the Committee shall be nominated and elected from among the tenured faculty members by the Senate as a whole.

The Executive Committee shall be the Senate's agenda committee and its committee on committees. It may authorize standing committees without regular and recurring duties, if they request to be put on a stand-by basis, to meet once a semester and otherwise be on the call of the Senate or the Executive Committee or of a majority of the Committee concerned as the need for the activity of such committees may arise. The Executive Committee shall have the power to call the Senate into extraordinary session, and shall have such powers, functions and duties as the Senate may delegate to it during periods when the Senate is not in session. The Executive Committee shall serve as a continuing liaison between the University Senate and the central administration. The Executive Committee may create subcommittees and may delegate any of its powers, functions, and duties. The Executive Committee shall participate pursuant to the Statutes of the University and the By-Laws of the Trustees, in the selection of University Professors, the President of the University, the Provost or Provosts, and six Trustees. In performing these functions, the Executive Committee or the appropriate subcommittee thereof shall act in executive session and in a confidential manner and shall not be required to report its deliberations or actions to the Senate as a whole.

To the extent possible, officers of instruction may be allowed a reduction in their teaching loads and students may be granted appropriate credit for serving as members of the Executive Committee.


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