University Senate

Proposed: April 26, 1996

Adopted: ______________


WHEREAS, many members of the Columbia community have expressed concern over salary equity at the University, and

WHEREAS, the recently concluded study of salary equity among faculty provided assurance that there is not gross systemic inequity but did not address the underlying issues of what constitutes salary equity, and

WHEREAS, previous salary equity committees have not investigated the relationship between promotions or hiring status and salary equity at the University, and

WHEREAS, previous salary equity committees have not investigated Officers of Research, Libraries, and Adminstration, and

WHEREAS, previous salary equity committees have not investigated non-gender "protected characteristics" including race, national origin, religion, and age, and

WHEREAS, the University Senate has long deemed it important to address the concern cited above and to investigate equity issues both more broadly and deeply,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the President and Provost of the University be requested to create a committee to conduct an ongoing review of the University's system of promotion and of salary assessment for officers of instruction, research, libraries, and administration. The committee would have the following mandate:

The Committee on Promotional Policy and Salary Equity will investigate patterns of promotion, to discern whether there is any systemic discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics in the promotional practices of the University, and to review s alary equity, examining the factors involved in salary determinations. Building on the work of previous salary equity committees, this committee will also perform annually a scrutiny of the equity of salaries of officers of instruction, research, librari es and administration. The committee will make recommendations concerning the matters under its jurisdiction to the Executive Committee of the Senate, as the need arises. The committee will be appointed by the President in consultation with the Senate. Members will include both faculty and non-faculty, including Officers of Research, Libraries, and Administration. The committee will report annually on its studies and fin dings to the Senate and, at that time, will respond to inquiries on its plans and accomplishments.


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