University Senate

Proposed: 2/24/95

Adopted: 2/24/95

Resolution to Amend the Statutes To Provide for Childcare Appointment Extension for Faculty

WHEREAS, currently the University has a policy providing and mandating appointment extension to those faculty who take parental leave, and

WHEREAS, the policy provides limited flexibility, despite the wide variety of circumstances of parents of newborns,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the University adopt the following childcare appointment extension policy (matter in bold to be added to University Statutes):


c. Part-time Career Appointments for Parents: Additional Eligibility of Service for Parents.

(1)To enable persons who are professionally committed to University service to care for their children, departments may make part-time career appointments of eligible persons to junior ranks leading to tenure. Persons shall be eligible for this s tatus only if they have one or more children under nine years of age at the beginning of the first academic year for which part-time career status is held. They must be primarily responsible for the raising of those children and must plan to spend a very substantial amount of time in that capacity. Eligible persons may be originally appointed to part-time career status or, with the consent of their departments, may change from full-time to part-time career status or vice versa. Because of the purpose for which, and the circumstances in which such status is accorded, holders of such appointments are expected not to engage in gainful employment outside the University. Each year of part-time career status shall be counted as one-half year of full-time s ervice in calculating the eight-year limit on appointments without tenure.

(2) Any professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor appointed with stated term who assumes primary responsibility for the care of a child under one year of age may, at the discretion of the President and upon written request to his or her department, be eligible for up to one additional year of full-time service, which will not count in setting the limits on nontenured service set forth in Section 71 (b). Eligibility is limited to one year of full-time service for each child, with a maximum of two years. Faculty who have periods of appointment excluded from the eight-year limit on nontenured service by virtue of leaves of absence to care for a child may not have additional periods excluded under this Section 71 (c) (2). The additional year or years of nontenured service provided in this Section 71 (c) (2) may be taken in addition to the other exceptions to the normal eight-year limit on nontenured service provided in Sections 71 (b), 71 (c) (1), and 71 (f).


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