University Senate

Proposed: April 24, 1998

Adopted: As amended, by a vote of 22-17, with 3 abstentions



An Act

To Establish the Tenure Review Advisory Committee and to

Define its Responsibilities

BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate shall ask the Trustees to amend Chapter 7 of the University Statutes, the Code of Academic Freedom and Tenure, by adding a new section, 71A, to go after section 71 ("TENURE"), as follows:


a. There shall be a Tenure Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) consisting of at least seven members of the tenured faculty selected annually by the Provost, plus the Vice President for Arts and Sciences and the Vice President for Health Sciences, serving ex officio.

b. The Provost shall consult the TRAC, as well as the appropriate chair or dean and possibly scholars at other universities, in determining the membership of committees for ad hoc review of individual tenure decisions. The Provost shall have the right to invite anyone he or she deems to have the expertise needed to evaluate the candidate to serve on each ad hoc committee. The Provost shall inform the TRAC of the membership of each ad hoc committee actually composed.

c. The Provost shall appoint the TRAC after consultation with the Deans and the Executive Committee or equivalent body in each of the affected faculties. He shall also inform the same individuals and groups of the names of the TRAC's members at the commencement of each academic year. He shall also make the membership of the TRAC non-confidential information.

d. The Provost, as chair of the TRAC, shall annually report summary statistical information on the ad hoc process to the Deans and Executive Committees of the affected faculties, as well as to the University Senate.


Sen. Joan Ferrante, for the

Senate faculty caucuses