University Senate                                                                                     

Proposed: April 4, 2014

Adopted: April 4, 2014



BE IT RESOLVED that the University Senate asks the President to amend the membership and procedures of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA) to reflect the following five changes:

1. That the size and composition of PACSA be such that:
        a. its membership is limited to 13 persons;
        b. the President appoint its members to two-year terms;
        c. the President designate its co-chairs (or chair);
        d. at minimum, its membership include three tenured faculty members, one non-tenured faculty member with relevant expertise in a field such as public health, law, or social work, and three students. Of the students, at least one should be an undergraduate student, at least one a graduate student, and at least one a member of the University Senate Student Affairs Committee; and
        e. the University Senate nominate its faculty and student members.

2. That PACSA have its membership public and its co-chairs (or chair) accessible to the University at large via mechanisms such as a website and a specific PACSA email address.

3. That PACSA publish its mission statement, mandate, and annual reports on a website available to all members of the University. Altogether, the website should explain the nature of issues PACSA has dealt with and continues to deal with.

4. That PACSA reinforce its mandate “to reevaluate existing policies and procedures regarding sexual violence in the Columbia University community and present recommendations for revisions of existing policies and procedures to the University Senate.” To this end, PACSA will also “submit an annual report to the President and to the Senate,” with its 2014-2015 academic year report being released no later than 12 months from the date of this resolution’s passage.

That a member of the Office of the General Counsel be included as an ex officio member of PACSA.

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