University Senate                                                                                 

Proposed: May 9, 2008

Adopted: February 6, 2009
by voice vote without dissent
by 3/5 majority




WHEREAS      there are 15 standing committees of the University Senate, of which all but the Executive Committee elect their chairpersons, and

WHEREAS      it is recognized that the responsibilities of chairpersons are time-consuming and demanding, such that increasingly committees are chaired by two individuals, and

WHEREAS      the work of chairpersons is done voluntarily on top of other university responsibilities, and

WHEREAS      the Senate is about shared governance and should represent that in its leadership, and

WHEREAS      chairmanship opportunities should be distributed amidst the membership, and

WHEREAS      the development of leadership should be cultivated and encouraged within our university community, and

WHEREAS      the Senate has many talented individuals and leaders, whose contribution to the committee work is valuable in whatever capacity they serve;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED       that it is the sense of the Senate that, beginning with the academic year 2008-09, no person shall serve as chairperson of more than two standing committees, it being understood that serving as a co-chairperson constitutes serving as one chairperson;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED            that Section 3 (f) of the University Senate By-laws be hereby amended as follows (new language SOLID CAPPED):

“(f) Committee chairmen. Each committee, other than the Executive Committee, shall elect its chairman from among its own members.  NO PERSON SHALL SERVE AS CHAIRPERSON OF MORE THAN TWO STANDING COMMITTEES, IT BEING UNDERSTOOD THAT SERVING AS A CO-CHAIRPERSON CONSTITUTES SERVING AS ONE CHAIRPERSON.”

Proponent: Structure and Operations Committee