University Senate                                                          Proposed: April 11, 2008



WHEREAS                health sciences education has traditionally been content-oriented and the vast majority of medical and dental educators have professional doctorates without a formal grounding in education, and

WHEREAS                this lack of preparation to become teachers of the profession is keenly felt by many dental educators, and

WHEREAS                there is an insufficient cadre of those well prepared to teach the foundation of dental sciences, and

WHEREAS                of dental students who prepare to practice dentistry, few consider an academic career from the outset, and

WHEREAS                the proposed program will enable those who wish to become dental educators to earn an M.A. at Teachers College designed to prepare college teachers while earning the D.D.S., and

WHEREAS                the new core course designed specifically for the program, Selected Topics: Educational Practices and Research in the Dental Sciences (Scientific and Professional Issues), will be made available to all students in the M.A. program, and
WHEREAS                there is active interest in such a program on the part of students, and

WHEREAS                there are no existing comparable programs of study, and

WHEREAS                the proposed program has the support of the Executive Committee of the College of Dental Medicine, the appropriate representative of Teachers College  and the Provost, and

WHEREAS                the Education Committee of the Senate has favorably reviewed the proposal,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED       that  the University Senate approve the proposed program and forward it to the Trustees for appropriate action with the proviso that the Education Committee will review the program in five years.


                                                                                    Education Committee