University Senate                                                                                  Proposed: February 29, 2008










WHEREAS                business education in Asia lags behind the phenomenal economic growth in the region, and there is a need for MBA education for the top segment of executives and working professionals in the region, and


WHEREAS                by studying in New York, London and Hong Kong, three of the world’s business capitals, executives can profit from a perspective unavailable in any other current program, and


WHEREAS                the resources of Columbia’s Business School, the London Business School and the University of Hong Kong will be combined in the proposed program, with students spending time at each of those institutions and earning a degree granted by all three, and


WHEREAS                the proposed program will offer Columbia’s core business courses along with electives and access to business leaders, and


WHEREAS                since the inception of Columbia Business School’s Executive MBA-Global program in partnership with the London Business School in 2001, more than two thousand inquiries have been received from prospective candidates interested in a program based largely in Asia, and


WHEREAS                no institution in the northeast currently offers an EMBA program focused on Asia, and the new program will not duplicate or replace any existing program at Columbia, and


WHEREAS                the dean and faculty of the School of  Business have reviewed and approved the program, and


WHEREAS                the Education Committee has favorably reviewed the program,


THEREFORE BE IT  RESOLVED that the University Senate approve the establishment of the EMBA-Global Asia Program with the proviso that the Education Committee will review the program in five years, and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED                   that the Senate forward the proposal to the Trustees for appropriate action.


                                                                                    Proponent: Education Committee