University Senate                                                    


Proposed: May 4, 2007





Resolution to Limit Rent Increases

 for Columbia Apartments in 2007-2008



WHEREAS       the administration has not made public any long-term financial plan for university housing, and 


WHEREAS       there are significant questions about the appropriate allocation of capital expenditures for university housing, and


WHEREAS       there are significant questions about the financial efficiency of covering rent increases with salary increases, and
WHEREAS      the administration raised rents in university housing by five per cent in 2006-07, and plans to raise them by five per cent again in 2007-08, 
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED   that the University Senate call on the administration to limit annual percentage rental increases in university housing (including the increase for 2007-08) to no more than the median annual percentage salary increase (retention increases excluded) -- until the administration presents a long-term financial plan for university housing to the University Senate. 

                                                            Proponent: Housing Policy Committee