University Senate                                                                      Proposed: February 3, 2006


                                                                                                Adopted: with amendments, February 3, 2006







WHEREAS      the University administration wants to establish a single institutional policy on misconduct in research, replacing guidelines to be found in two current documents: the Statement on Professional Ethics and Faculty Obligations and Guidelines for Review of Professional Misconduct, adopted by the University Senate in 1972 and last revised in 1986; and Guidelines for Review of Misconduct in Science for the Health Sciences Campus, approved by the Faculty Council at the Medical Center in 1992 and last revised in 1995; and

WHEREAS     Columbia University must bring its institutional policies on research into compliance with mandatory federal guidelines promulgated in 2000 by the Office of Science and Technology Policy; and

WHEREAS    several University Senate groups, including the Faculty Affairs, Research Officers, Student Affairs, and External Relations committees have reviewed the proposed policy this semester; and

WHEREAS     the version of the policy now before the Senate has been widely distributed among faculty and research officers for comment;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED       that the University Senate approve the attached Columbia University Institutional Policy on Misconduct in Research, which will be displayed in appropriate University publications, including the Faculty Handbook;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED            that the attached policy will supersede current guidelines for review of misconduct in science at the Medical Center;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED            that University Senate will appropriately revise its own statement on professional ethics and faculty obligations.

                                                                                    Proponent: Executive Committee