University Senate FOR DISCUSSION ONLY Proposed: February 25, 2005





WHEREAS it is the duty of the deans of the Columbia faculties, subject to the reserve powers of the President and the Provost, to administer discipline in their schools; and

WHEREAS current student grievance procedures were reaffirmed in the December 17th, 2004 joint report by the Faculty Affairs and Student Affairs committees: a student with a complaint about a faculty member may approach the professor directly; a student who feels the grievance cannot be settled directly, may, at any point, seek the advice or mediation of
the Department or Program Chair(s), the Dean, the University Ombuds Officer, and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, and may use any other procedures established in his or her school now or in the future; and

WHEREAS current procedures have been found to be wanting in some instances; and

WHEREAS the University Statutes require the University Senate to consider questions that may arise as to the conduct or efficiency of any officer of administration or instruction, and to report thereon (22c);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in grievances concerning faculty conduct in their role as teachers, and in such grievances only, a student who has exhausted the procedures listed above may choose to appeal through the University Senate;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a student who chooses to appeal will submit to the Senate Executive Committee a written statement with any supporting documents;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Executive Committee, if it decides by a two-thirds majority to consider the appeal, will appoint, with due attention to impartiality, an ad hoc grievance committee, consisting of three faculty, two students, and the Provost Ex Officio, who may choose not to participate in the committee's deliberations;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the ad hoc grievance subcommittee will determine by majority vote its recommendations, which it may choose to report to the University Senate, and will forward its findings through the Provost to the President, who will make the final decision.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Student Affairs Committee