University Senate                                                                              

Proposed: April 30, 2004
Adopted: April 30, 2004


WHEREAS,     students and faculty of all schools and departments at Columbia University suffer from a housing shortage, and

WHEREAS,     students in the School of General Studies face similar academic demands as those in the various other undergraduate schools of Columbia University, including, but not limited to, sharing  classrooms, instructors, and a rigorous schedule that differs from that of graduate students’, and

WHEREAS,     the student body of the School of General Studies has developed in the past decade to incorporate more full-time students, both in percentage and in absolute numbers, and
a significant portion of the General Studies population is composed of younger students who seek the housing environment similar to traditionally-aged students, and

WHEREAS,     the community, development and orientation needs of General Studies students differ from those of the various graduate students, and

WHEREAS,     the ability to guarantee housing for incoming students is a crucial factor for successful recruitment to undergraduate programs, especially for out-of-state students, and that such an ability depends on long-term planning and the ability to predict available housing units in future academic terms, and that under current conditions the School of General Studies is unable to appropriately accommodate these needs, and

WHEREAS,     university housing is subsidized, and therefore can be considered a form of financial aid, and that such aid is also a crucial factor in the recruiting of high-quality students to the School of General Studies, and

WHEREAS,     repeated research has shown that university housing increases students’ retention and therefore benefit the school and the community, allowing for long-term relationship building and alumni contributions, and

WHEREAS,     the students in the School of General Studies wish to build and foster a community both inside and outside the classroom, a community that requires the clustering of General Studies students together at an appropriate housing location,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,      that the Columbia University Senate recommends that the senior administration find a suitable solution for the needs of the General Studies student body, so that the school may offer appropriate housing offers for incoming students and recruit accordingly.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,           that appropriate locations for the use of General Studies students be designated by the General Studies Dean of Students and the Deputy Vice President of Institutional Real Estate, so that the school may work to establish a cohesive community for its student body.

Housing Committee