University Senate                                                                                              Proposed: November 1, 2002

                                                                                                                        Adopted: November 1, 2002







WHEREAS,     the University Senate provides a forum for representatives of various Columbia constituencies to deliberate on important issues, and


WHEREAS,     the community of Officers of Research has shown exceptional growth since the founding of the Senate in 1969, and


WHEREAS,     the contribution of Officers of Research to the University’s well-being and reputation has also expanded at an exceptional rate;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,       that the Senate increase the representation of Officers of Research in the Senate from two (2) to six (6) members, to include four (4) from the ranks of senior Professional Officers of Research (senior research scientist/scholars or research scientist/scholars) and junior Professional Officers of Research (associate research scientist/scholars), one (1) Postdoctoral Officer of Research, and one (1) Staff Officer of Research.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,      that the University Senate change the name of the Senate constituency for Officers of Research from “Research Staff” to “Officers of Research” or “Research Officers.”


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,      that the University Senate establish the Research Officers Committee, with the following mandate:


“(13) Research Officers Committee


The Research Officers Committee shall consist of 9 members, including all 6 elected senators representing Officers of Research, and 3 other Officers of Research, who shall be nominated by the 6 research senators with a view to achieving balance among the different ranks of officers in the constituency and among the campuses represented, and who shall be approved by the Executive Committee.  The Research Officers Committee shall have jurisdiction to consider all matters relating to the terms and conditions of research officers’ academic employment, including, but not limited to, promotion, leaves of absence, retirement, academic freedom, academic advancement, benefits, housing, the conduct and discipline of research officers, and other perquisites of research officers.”


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,      that after an initial period of three years, the Research Officers Committee will report to the Senate, with recommendations about whether and in what form it should continue, and whether its mandate should be expanded to include the formal consideration of research officers’ grievances.


BE IT FURTHER  RESOLVED,     that the Senate By-laws and other documents be amended, and the Senate propose to the trustees of the University appropriate amendments to the University Statutes, to carry out the purposes of the prior resolutions.



Structure and Operations Committee