University Senate                 

Proposed: November 17, 2000

Adopted: November 17, 2000, with amendment





WHEREAS   it is the function of the Senate Committee on Education to examine and approve proposals for the founding of institutes at the University; and

WHEREAS                      the Committee has reviewed the proposal to establish an institute at Reid Hall, with a favorable recommendation as to its establishment; and

WHEREAS    the establishment of the proposed institute also has the authorization of the president of the university in accordance with the University Statutes, and

WHEREAS                     the proposed institute at Reid Hall has been authorized by the President; and

WHEREAS                     institutes are typically interdepartmental or inter-faculty units that assemble faculty and officers of research to further interdisciplinary projects of research and teaching; and

WHEREAS                     the proposed institute at Reid Hall meets the statutory definition of an institute in that it will integrate the efforts of fellows from among Columbia faculty and staff as they pursue research in collaboration with international colleagues and institutions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED                        that an institute at Reid Hall be established, with the understanding that these activities shall be conducted in conformity with Chapter XXXV of the University Statutes, which defines the operation of institutes.


Education Committee