University Senate April 20, 2000






The Committee has met nine times this year.


We have devoted several meetings to discussion of intellectual property issues. On March 24 several members of our committee participated in a meeting of the Senate faculty caucuses with the co-chairs of the Provost's Committee on Intellectual Property, Jane Ginsburg and Ira Katznelson, to discuss a draft copyright policy their committee had published on March 10. On April 7, Faculty Affairs discussed the draft policy again, and unanimously recommended specific revisions. On April 10 the Executive Committee referred the policy to our committee, as well as the Education Committee, for discussion and a report to the Senate. On April 20 we are still looking forward to seeing the final draft.


As usual, the bulk of our business involved faculty grievances. Some of these have raised important issues, which we will continue to pursue next year:


--Procedures for review and promotion in the School of the Arts faculty;


--The role of budget issues in tenure appointments, in the Engineering School and across the University;


--Provisions for access to confidential information in the investigation of tenure grievances. Serious differences between our committee and the Provost have arisen over the interpretation of our agreement--adopted as a Statutory amendment by the Trustees after Senate passage in November 1996--governing the sharing of information on ad hoc deliberations relevant to grievances.


We are pleased to report an entirely satisfactory outcome in a grievance we mentioned in last year's annual report, involving a tenured professor whose salary was severely reduced. But the complex question of the relation of salary to tenure will need continuing reflection in the years to come, as changing conditions in the Academy and in American society continue to exert pressure on the linked principles of tenure and academic freedom.




For the committee,



Eugene Litwak, chairman