Report on the proposal to establish an M.A. program in Biotechnology

The purpose of the proposed M.A. program is to provide graduate-level training in biotechnology to students, teachers, and professionals for whom intensive scholarly engagement serves their career or professional needs.

The proposed degree of Master of Arts will prepare students who would like a career in biotechnology without making the five-to-seven-year commitment needed to attain a Ph.D. These careers include bench work in research and development laboratories, regulatory affairs, and management and investments.

Requiring 30 points of course work and the M.A. thesis, the program includes two core courses and one summer intensive laboratory in biotechnology. While the focus of the curriculum will be on basic principles, the use of biotechnology to fight disease will be emphasized.

The program will be interdepartmental, involving various science departments and the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Links to the Schools of Business and Law will be established to relate scientific advances to the business or patent issues in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Internships with companies will be incorporated into the program.

The academic supervision and advising of M.A. students in this program will be the responsibility of the programís director (to be recruited and hired as a nontenured, full-time faculty member).


This proposal meets the criteria for an M.A. degree program in the University in that it will coordinate and further develop excellence in research and teaching in an important field of scholarship.