Annual Report of the Housing Policy Committee, 2011-2012


The Housing Policy Committee met monthly during the academic year to address the following issues:

  1. Budget Report from Columbia University Facilities.  The Housing Policy Committee reviewed the annual budget report from Columbia University Facilities for FY13.  The proposed FY13 rental increase of 3% for faculty, students, and other affiliates appears reasonable given the information we have been provided. 
  1. Towards a Housing Strategy for Columbia University.  The Housing Policy Committee met with Provost Coatsworth to discuss development of a housing strategy for Columbia University.  Developing such a strategy is essential for the University’s long-term ability to recruit and retain faculty.  Currently, fewer than half of eligible faculty live in Columbia housing.  As the University grows, it is unlikely that acquiring more apartments will be a sustainable solution.  The University will be best served by policies that facilitate a menu of faculty housing choices, including private market and University-owned options.

Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the Housing Policy Committee,

Michael Heller, Chair
Law, Tenured
April 26, 2012