Columbia University Senate
Elections Commission Annual Report


To the Senate, and Columbia Community:

This year, the Commission on Elections continued its role in supervising the conduct of elections to the Senate and other elective bodies that derive their power from the Senate. In the 2010-2011 academic year, a single election dispute was brought before the Commission as a formal complaint, and was duly resolved by the Commission.

In keeping with its additional role as elections rulemaker under Elections Code ยง 16, the Commission has begun an inquiry into promulgating further rules, consistent with the Code. It has submitted inquiries to the various Divisional Elections Commissioners, which it will consider in determining whether the Code requires supplemental rules. If the Commission determines that further rules are in fact required, it will proceed with the drafting and promulgation of such rules, which, once reported to the Senate, may be amended or overruled by that body.

Under the Code, the Commission is to consist of five members, one of which is a student. Next year the current student member and Chair, Art Cavazos, will continue as the Chair of the Commission, but over the course of the year will assist in looking for an interested and able student to replace him on the Commission.

Finally, the Commission wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the wholehearted participation and invaluable contributions of Paul Duby, Philip Genty, and Raluca Marian in the work of the Commission, as well as Jessica Raimi.

Respectfully submitted,

Art Cavazos Jr.