University Senate Student Affairs Caucus

Annual Report
April 30, 2009


The Columbia University Student Affairs Caucus (SAC) has had a tumultuous and productive year and has tackled a variety of issues that impact student life.  SAC’s mission has been to work across schools and divisions, as well as with university administration, to encourage a spirit of community within the university.  To that end, we have undertaken the following to improve student life at Columbia:

We would also like to highlight student engagement in Manhattanville

The Student Affairs Caucus received a variety of student suggestions and concerns regarding Manhattanville.  Student feedback spanned numerous topics including the building design process and efforts to comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, the foreseeable impact of Columbia's construction on neighborhoods in West Harlem and potential disruption of student campus dynamics.  Students are of the view that the following should be the vital areas of consideration in Mantattanville:


Genevieve Thornton and Amena Cheema, Co-chairs.