Annual Report of the University Senate
Physical Development Committee 2007-08

            Last year (2006-07) the committee instituted the practice of reviewing the reports of the administration to the Trustees Physical Assets Committee. This includes resolutions to fund various building projects and allows us to understand building plans at a relatively early stage in the process. We have continued this process this year and a summary is included below. The committee was also very active with the Task Force on Campus Planning on reviewing planning for Manhattanville and for space freed up on other campuses of the University by moves to Manhattanville. Our report and recommendations for this planning will be included in the Task Force report which should be finished in early Fall 2008.

We also met with Lisa Hogarty, Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Center (recently appointed at the time) and with Dean Lee Goldman of the Medical School (meeting with the Task Force) on plans for building at the Medical Center. In general space is very limiting at the Medical Center. A new budgeting process that provides financial incentives to give up space that is not fully utilized has resulted in some significant amount of space that can be used for departments where new Chairs have been hired (e.g. Pediatrics). There is one additional plot of land at 168th and Audubon that will be used for a new building once more funding is available. After that, longer range planning is for new buildings in Manhattanville.

The main renovation project at the Medical Center campus is in the Hammer Health Sciences Center where the two lower levels are being reconfigured for more class room space and a new entrance is being added on the ground floor from Haven Ave. This will result in a significant reduction of size of the library such that a large part of the collection will be housed off-site. However, it will also result in a consolidation of the teaching space and much more convenience and efficiency for the medical program. The idea is to make Hammer and the area in to more of a campus center for students.

Summary of reports to the Trustees Physical Assets Committee
The major projects approved at the four Trustee meetings are listed on the attached table. Only projects where the final expected cost of the entire project was greater than $5 million are listed. Many of the major projects are for planning or the early infrastructure for Manhattanville. These include preparation of the below grade area of Phase I of Manhattanville which will prepare the area for construction of specific buildings. This area will house the energy center, laboratory and academic support facilities, and utility and data  telecommunication pathways. Another large aspect of this project is that the area must be enclosed by walls that will serve as a water barrier or “bathtub”. Funding has also been approved for design of specific Manhattanville buildings (see map) including Mind, Brain and Behavior, the Lantern Building (for the Business School and School of the Arts), the Bowtie Building (for an auditorium and conference center for the Business School and School of the Arts), SIPA at 12th Ave between 130th and 131st Streets, the Studebaker Building at 615 W. 131st St. (for administrative offices) and finally a smaller project just outside the Manhattanville footprint at 2276 12th Ave. to be used for relocation of the Alexander Doll Company and other purposes. These last two projects involve extensive renovations rather than new building.

The next set of projects involve renovations on the Morningside Heights campus. These include renovations of the Journalism building, primarily to make a new student center. This will involve a glass enclosed atrium between Journalism and Furnald Hall. Faculty House, built in 1923, is undergoing extensive renovations to be of better service for University functions, currently as many as 1500 per year. McVickar Hall, at 622 W. 113th St. is being renovated to house Development and Alumni Affair offices. Uris Hall is being renovated to serve the Business School needs in the immediate term before any move to Manhattanville. This will include improvement and expansion of the Uris Deli with a glass enclosure on the East Side Terrace.

While not on the Morningside campus, but serving mostly undergraduates, Baker Field will have extensive changes. Most notably, a new Sports Center will be built.
On the Medical Center campus the main renovation project is for the lower levels of Hammer Health Sciences Center as discussed above.

Major projects submitted to Trustees' Physical Assets Committee 2007-08 (>$5 million total expected cost)

Date of report          (total no. of items requested for approval)

Current Project

Current cost requested (millions)

Total project expected cost  (millions)

10/5/2007 (17 items)

Below grade Manhattanville, design and demolition




Journalism Building, Student Center, 100, 200, 600 levels*




Mind, Brain and Behavior, design




Lantern Building, design




P&S Building, 4th and 5th floor renovations







12/7/2007 (11 items)

Faculty House, extensive renovation




McVickar Hall, 622 W. 113th St., extensive renovation, for Development and Alumni Affair offices*




Baker Field, New Sports Center




Bowtie Building, Manhattanville, design, for conference facility and auditorium for Business school and School of the Arts




SIPA, Manhattanville, design




Hammer Health Sciences Center, renovation of lower levels for new classrooms andd educational facilities







3/4/2008 (14 items)

Manhattanville, 615 W. 131st, 100 and 200 levels, design and construction, for University administrative offices




MacVickar Hall, accelerated construction*




Uris Hall, public space improvements




Uris Hall, deli and east side terrace enclosure




Jerome Greene Hall, 900 level expansion




Chandler Hall, upgrade of fume hood exhaust system




Manhattanville, utility construction, "central below grade service facility"




Manhattanville, Energy Center




2276 12th Ave., Manhattanville, Construction




Hammer Health Science Center, Chilled water and process water rooftop plan







6/6/2008 (3 items)

Journalism Building, Student center, 100, 200 and 600 levels*











*Funds for these projects were requested twice due to changes in expected costs.