University Senate April 25, 2003







The year began with the successful conclusion of the long considered matter of enhanced research officer representation in the Senate. Working in close consultation with the Ad Hoc Committee on Research Staff Affairs, chaired by Stephanie Neuman, the committee crafted a resolution substantially increasing research officer representation. The resolution was approved by a supermajority of the Senate at its October meeting.


The Committee subsequently took up matters relating to the status of the Housing Policy Committee and the observer status of student senators from Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary. It presented a resolution to make the Housing Policy Committee a regular standing committee of the Senate instead of a presidential committee to the final Senate meeting of the year. Consideration of the status of the student senators from TC and UTS will be carried over until next year as the committee explores the possible impact of granting full voting rights upon the affiliation agreements between Columbia University and those institutions.


James Applegate

Jennifer Bell

Erin Daugherty

Paul Duby

Harold Edgar

Howard Jacobson

Raluca Marian

Luciano Rebay

Lesha Shah

Keith Walton

Richard Bulliet, chair