Libraries and Academic Computing Facilities Committee


FINAL REPORT                                                                           April 17, 2003


The Senate Libraries and AcIS Committee has the traditional role of informing

itself about various areas of Library and AcIS functioning, and responding to

questions and problems suggested by its members or raised by constituents in

the larger university community.


This year we discussed, among other topics:


 Changes in space layouts and allocations as a result of the (now well

   advanced) renovations in Butler Library.


  The improvements now being made in CourseWorks, and others planned for the



  Changes in the software that has powered CLIO; upgrades this summer will

    bring us greatly enhanced capabilities.


  Online reserve materials as an increasing resource, and related problems of

   access (including off-campus access) and printing.


  Electronic publishing procedures and their complicated prospects, and online

   privacy issues.


  The Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, and its wide range of

    activities in training and website-making for the campus.


  Problems of food and drink in Butler Library.


Of all these topics, the last was the one that generated strongly expressed

comments from outside the Committee, and inspired vigorous discussions that

are obviously destined to be part of an ongoing debate. Everyone agreed that

the problem exists; but, as we discovered, for many reasons it is not

something susceptible to any quick or simple solution. We plan to continue

our discussions of this matter in the fall.


For the present, we have no resolutions to present to the Senate.


We would like more participation in this committee, especially by faculty



Fran Pritchett