University Senate                                                                                                                      September 12, 2003







In 2002–2003 the committee twice met with Gardner Dunnan, assistant provost, special projects, and director of the Columbia School. Dunnan updated the committee on the application and enrollment process [date] and later [date] the faculty. We are awaiting bugetary information that he will provide the committee.


The committee also met with new Senior Executive Vice President Robert Kasdin. [] The committee plans to invite Mr. Kasdin back.


Throughout the year, the committee sought to meet with new Vice President of Communications and External Affairs June Massell. At a special meeting in May, the committee met with both Massel and Executive Vice President of Government and Community Affairs Emily Lloyd, who has given generously of her time to the Senate’s task force on campus planning. The committee spoke to Massell about the direction her office sees the university taking and the [setbacks] her office faces. The committee was also concerned about protecting the Senate’s communication with the community via the From the Senate column in the Record. That issue was worked out [adverb] between her office and the Senate Executive Committee. The committee expressed its desire to keep an open line of communication with her office. The committee were then introduced to members of Lloyd’s staff [].


In January the committee held a joint meeting with the Senate Physical Development Committee. It was in part as a result of this meeting that the task force on campus planning arose. The committee has kept close ties with the task force through its delegates [reports and input]. In the same manner, it has had monthly reports from the Online Learning and Digital Media Initiatives Committee. [thank sharyn, here or end]


The committee also met with representatives of groups seeking its support. These included members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, who shared their long-standing concerns about the structure and research of the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, and a member of Students for Social and Economic Justice, who object to the practices of Citigroup and seek to see the university contract a different bank for its banking needs. [Both are still pending.]


Committee member Scott Wright, assistant vice president, student services, was most helpful in keeping the committee abreast of [worker issues]. Through his office a meeting was arranged with a representative of Nike, which approached the university to be a licensee. [The committee supported . . .]


Other issues the committee examined this year were campus smoking [], faculty consultation on budget allocation [], child care at the university [], initiating a review of the Casa Italiana, and research at the university. These topic remain ongoing subjects of investigation and discussion.




Barry Allen

John Brust

Marcia Carlson

Mike Castleman

Lewis Cole

Ree DeDonato

Herbert Gans

Ira Goldberg

Arthur Graham

Saleem Josephs

Eugene Litwak, chair

Sharyn O’Halloran

Luciano Rebay

Hilary Rosenstein

Michael Shelanski

Richard Wald

Scott Wright