University Senate

Proposed: January 29, 1999




President George Rupp, the chairman, called the Senate to order at 1:15 pm in 301 Uris.

Thirty-four of 82 senators were present during the meeting.

Minutes and agenda: The minutes of the meeting of November 20 and the agenda were adopted as proposed.

President's report: Noting that a holiday party was scheduled in the Senate office right after the meeting, the president confined his remarks to offering everyone best wishes for the holidays.

Executive Committee chairman's report: Sen. Paul Duby (Ten., SEAS) made the following points:

--A subcommittee of the Executive Committee had submitted nominees for next year's Senate-consulted Trustee to the Office of the Secretary on December 4. A meeting with the Trustees' nominating committee would take place in February.

--On November 23 the Executive Committee held the once-a-semester meeting with Trustees on issues of community concern that was provided for in a 1987 agreement between the Senate and the Trustees. Eleven members of the committee met with Trustees Stephen Friedman, Maureen Cogan, Ellen Kaden, and Robert McCormack, as well as the President. The main topic was broadening contacts between the two groups. Some of the results included a decision to ask Sen. Letty Moss-Salentijn (Ten., SDOS), chair of the Senate Education Committee, to offer input in setting the agenda for the March 1999 meeting of the Trustees' Committee on Educational Policy; an invitation to Sen. James Shapiro (Ten., A&S) to make a presentation at that meeting, along with some colleagues; a discussion between Trustee Maureen Cogan, chair of the new Trustee Committee on Student Relations, and student members of the Senate Executive Committee about possible future contacts; and an arrangement, starting with the March 1999 meeting, to invite the chair of the Senate Executive Committee and a student member to attend plenary Trustee meetings as observers, unless the Trustees go into executive session.

--In addition to the meeting in February to discuss the Senate-consulted Trustee, Sen. Duby said he looked forward to the spring meeting with Trustees on issues of community concern.

--At its December 7 meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the question of the proper number of University Professors. The administration might offer a new proposal to the Senate later in the year; for the time being, the number stood at eight, by Trustee action at their December meeting. The new proposal might involve adding a new University Professor whenever one of the current group reaches the age of 70.

--In the November Senate resolution adding instructional titles to the Statutes, the material submitted by the Health Sciences had not identified all the new titles to be added. The Faculty Affairs had approved the late addition of those titles after the Senate meeting so the Trustees could act on them at their December meetings. Sen. Duby asked if there was any objection to this procedure; there was none.

Sen. Frances Pritchett (Ten., A&S) asked if the number of University Professors was an historical accident, or a matter of principle. Sen. Duby said the original number was three, and had then grown bit by bit, with each addition approved by the Executive Committee.

Committee reports:

Housing Policy: Sen. Charles Calomiris (Ten., Bus.), the chairman, said the committee had met twice since the last Senate meeting and was considering taking an active role in helping to determine the preferences of faculty and students in housing, which is expected to be an area of considerable University activity over the next few years. This inquiry might take the form of a survey. He invited senators to pass on any ideas on this subject to the committee.

Old business:

--Revised resolution to amend Chapter XL of the Statutes (External Relations): Sen. Duby reported that in place of the extensive revisions to Chapter XL that the committee had offered in November, Sen. Gerard Lynch had proposed the addition of a few words in the chapter's first sentence. This idea quickly won the support of the External Relations and Executive committees, but some final adjustment in wording was needed after the Senate packet went out. The final revision was reproduced on a single red sheet distributed at the door.

Sen. Eugene Litwak (Ten., GSAS/SS), chairman of External Relations, praised Sen.. Lynch's revision, which he said addressed two types of objections to the earlier version of the resolution--that it was too narrow and that it was too broad.

Sen. Rohit Aggarwala (Stu., Bus.) asked whether the addition of the phrase "or other academic activities" to "research and instruction" as activities to be protected from censorship by external parties would cover the range of events that had been discussed at the November meeting, including a conference that had stirred some controversy. Sen. Litwak and Sen. Joan Ferrante (Ten., A&S) said the phrase was a meant to serve exactly that purpose, and to cover events such as student plays, which had also been a point of contention.

The Senate then proceeded to a voice vote, passing the resolution without dissent. The President said the measure, proposing statutory amendments, would now be forwarded to the Trustees.

New business:

--Resolution to establish an M.A. program in Quantitative Methods in the Social

Sciences (Education): Sen. Moss-Salentijn, chair of Education, moved the resolution, a degree proposal that had been submitted by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The Senate approved the proposal by voice vote without dissent.

There being no further business, the President adjourned the meeting at 1:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mathewson, Senate staff