University Senate                                                                     

Proposed: May 3, 2019



University Senate Plenary

Friday, May 3, 2019 at 1:15 p.m.

104 Jerome Greene Hall



1.  Adoption of the agenda

2.  Adoption of the minutes of April 5, 2019

3.  President’s report  

4.  Executive Committee chair’s report:

5.  Resolutions:

         a.  Resolution to Honor John H. Coatsworth for His Service as Provost

         b.  Resolution Concerning Summer Powers

6.   Committee reports:

         a.  Report on the Advancement of Women Faculty at the School of Law: Commission on the Status of Women

         b.  Annual Report of the Education Committee

         c.  Annual Report of the External Relations and Research Policy Committee

         d.  Annual Report of the Commission on Diversity

         e.  Annual Report of the Student Affairs Committee

7.  Other reports:

         a.  Report on NROTC at Columbia: Professor Jeffrey Kysar, Faculty Advisor to NROTC