University Senate                                                                             

Proposed:  October 23, 2015



University Senate
Friday, October 23, 2015
1:15 p.m., 104 Jerome Greene Hall


1.  Adoption of the agenda

2.  Adoption of the minutes of September 25, 2015

3.  President’s remarks

4.  Executive Committee Chair’s remarks: 

         a.  New Rules of Conduct approved on October 10
                   --Appointments under the new Rules: Appeals Panel, University Judicial Board, Rules Administrator

         b.  Senate quality-of-life survey for faculty and research officers

4.  Remaining committee annual reports, 2014-15

         a.  Information Technology--Sen. Matthew L. Jones (Ten., A&S/Social Sciences), chair, with additional comments by Gaspare LoDuca, Executive Vice President, CUIT

5.  Other reports

         a.  Sexual assault policy and the AAU Campus Climate Survey--Suzanne B. Goldberg, Executive Vice President for University Life

         b.  Executive summary of the 2015 student quality-of-life survey--SAC chair Marc Heinrich, CC

         c.  The 2016 fringe benefits package for Columbia officers--Michael Bloom, Executive Director for Benefits, Human Resources