University Senate 

Proposed: April 27, 2012


University Senate

Friday, April 27, 2012

1:15 pm, 104 Jerome Greene Hall


1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Adoption of the minutes of March 30

3. Executive Committee chair’s updates

            --Comprehensive overview of Columbia's global strategy

            --Student Affairs Committee space initiative for Morningside campus planning

            --Distance/virtual learning overview


            --Smoking policy

4. Committee annual reports

             --Alumni Relations

             --Commission on the Status of Women (brief remarks)


            --Elections Commission (with draft revision of the Senate Elections Code; brief remarks)

            --Housing Policy

5. Other reports

                --Naomi Schrag, VP for Research Compliance, on revisions to the current University policy on conflict of interest in research to incorporate technical amendments based on new NIH regulations (blacklined policy)          

6. New business

            --Resolution Encouraging Columbia University Schools to Implement Open Course Evaluations (Student Affairs, with related documents)

            --Resolution to Authorize University Senators to Communicate with their Constituencies by Mass Email (Structure and Operations, with report )

            --Resolution Concerning Summer Powers