University Senate                                                                                 

Proposed:  March 2, 2012

University Senate
March 2, 2012
1:15 PM, 107 Jerome Greene


1.   Adoption of the agenda

2.   Adoption of the minutes of February 3, 2012

3.   President’s remarks
            --Questions for the president

4.   Updates from the Executive Committee chair:
            --Nominations to committees: election to fill a nontenured Executive Committee vacancy
            --Commission on the Status of Women: new policy prohibiting consensual romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and students they supervise (expected at the plenary March 30)
            --Publication of student course evaluations (March 30)
            --Conflict of interest policy: technical amendments April 27
            --Structure and Operations: Email privileges for senators

5.  Committee reports
           --Commission on the Status of Women: Melissa Tihinen, Senior Manager, Student Services, for Gender-based and Sexual Misconduct, on the implementation of new provisions in Columbia policies on sexual misconduct

           -- --Faculty Affairs on a proposal for new academic titles and tracks at the Columbia University Medical Center. Anne Taylor, M.D., Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at P&S, will discuss the proposal and take questions. See summary documents; see the full proposal (Columbia UNI and password required)

6.   New business
           --Resolution to Establish the David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation in the School of Journalism (Education)
           --Resolution to Approve a Combined M.S./Ph.D. Program in Social Work (Education)