University Senate                                                                                 

Proposed:  February 3, 2012



University Senate
February 3, 2012
1:15 PM, 107 Jerome Greene

1.   Adoption of the agenda

2.   Adoption of the minutes of December 2, 2011

3.   President’s remarks
            --Questions for the president

4.   Updates from the Executive Committee chair
            --Commission on the Status of Women: approving the roster; implementing new language on sexual assault; preparing for presentation of a new policy prohibiting consensual romantic or sexual relationships between academic officers and students they supervise.
            --An integrated review of Columbia’s Global Centers
            --Fringe benefits
            --Publication of student course evaluations
            --Conflict of interest policy

5.  Committee reports
            --Libraries: University Librarian James Neal on open access (see resolution of April 1, 2005)
            --Education: A tour of the provost’s new website to manage submissions of proposals for new academic programs 

6.   New business
              --Dual Master’s in Art History between GSAS and University of Paris I (Education)