University Senate                                                                             

Proposed:  December 2, 2011



University Senate
December 2, 2011
1:15 PM, 107 Jerome Greene


1.   Adoption of the agenda

2.   Adoption of the minutes of November 17, 2011

3.   President’s remarks
            --Questions for the president

4.   Updates from the Executive Committee chair
            --Welcome to new senators
            --Fringe benefits
            --Publication of student course evaluations
            --Commission on the Status of Women mandate
            --Implementation of new language on sexual assault

      5. New business:
            --New M.S. in Health Administration (Education)  

      6.  Reports      
            --Ad Hoc Review Committee on Conflict of Interest Policy report on the implementation of the university-wide 2009 policy on conflict of interest approved by the Senate in April 2009

            --Education on the School of Continuing Education’s M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKnS), established in 2005, which has developed a “low-residency” model incorporating guidelines on distance learning that the Education Committee presented to the Senate in 2006. Presentation from Kristine Billmyer, Dean, School of Continuing Education, and Marni Baker Stein, Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instruction at SCE, on the use of the Pearson e-College platform in the implementation of the IKnS curriculum (see report)