University Senate                                                                                 

Proposed: April 29, 2011



University Senate
Friday, April 29, 2011
1:15 pm, 105 Jerome Greene Hall


1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Adoption of the minutes of April 1

3. President’s report

4. Executive Committee chair’s report:

            --Update on the two-year review of Columbia’s conflict of interest policy; April 15 showing of the film “Inside Job”

             --Fringe benefits

             --Resolution to Change the Name of the School of Continuing Education to the School of Professional and Cross-Disciplinary Studies

             --Mark Cohen’s proposal for a total smoking ban on the Morningside campus

5. Committee reports

          —Alumni Relations

          ―Budget Review


          ―External Relations

          --Elections Commission

          ―Faculty Affairs

          ―Housing Policy 

          ―Information and Communications Technology


          ―Campus Planning and Physical Development (to be given in the fall)

          ―Officers of Research (to be given in the fall)

          ―Status of Women report on fringe benefits

          ―Structure and Operations

          ―Student Affairs 

6. Old business

            --New confidentiality guidelines

            --Resolution Concerning Summer Powers

7. New business

            --Certificate in Psychoanalytic Studies (GSAS, from Education)