University Senate                                                                    

Proposed: December 3, 2010




University Senate

Friday, December 3, 2010

1:15 pm, 107 Jerome Greene


1. Adoption of the agenda


2. Adoption of the minutes of November 12, 2010


3. Executive Committee chair’s remarks

            --Update on fringe benefits deliberations

            --Update on ROTC

            --Review of the University policy on conflict of interest and research, approved by the Senate in April 2009


4. Reports

--Nilda Mesa, AVP, Environmental Stewardship, on current sustainability issues, including environmental report cards

            • "Colleges Say They Expect Their Green Raters to Measure Up" (Chronicle of Higher Education)


            • "Frustration with Green Rankings Pushes Colleges to Develop Their Own" (Chronicle of Higher Education)


5. New business

Revised Resolution to Approve a New Smoking Policy for Columbia University's Morningside Campus, with maps showing the effects of a 50-foot rule and a 20-foot rule on the Morningside campus, a November 30 Spec article on a proposed full-campus smoking ban at Barnard, and the final report of the Tobacco Work Group (available online only)

               • Sen. Alex Frouman (Stu., CC) on changes in the resolution since November 12

               • Michael McNeil, chair of the Tobacco Work Group

               • CUMC administrators Amador Centeno, Vice President for Facilities, and Kathleen Crowley, Associate Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety, on CUMC's smoke-free policy