University Senate                                                                     

Proposed: October 22, 2010




University Senate

Friday, October 22, 2010

1:15 pm, 104 Jerome Greene Hall


1. Adoption of the agenda


2. Adoption of the minutes of September 24, 2010


3. President’s remarks


4. Executive Committee chair’s remarks

             --Community Benefits Agreement

            --Update on ROTC

            --Update on the administration task force on fringe benefits      

            --Tobacco work group’s recommendations


5. Reports

            --2009-10 annual report for Campus Planning and Physical Development Committee (Sen. Ron Prywes, last year’s chair, with a presentation from Facilities EVP Joseph Ienuso on the Northwest Corner and Mind Brain Behavior buildings)      


            --Discussion with Linda Nilsen, AVP, Benefits, Human Resources, about open enrollment for 2011 fringe benefits, which begins October 25.


            --Report from the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (Karen Singleton, director, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program, and PACSA co-chair; current sexual assault policy here)


6. New business

            --Resolutions for new dual degree programs linking SIPA with the following institutions (Education):

                         --SIPA MIA with the MPP from London School of Economics

                        --SIPA MIA with MPP from Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy

                        --SIPA MPA with MPP from Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy


           --Certificate of Advanced Studies in Dental Public Health (CDM) (Education)